The Elegant Office

A complete custom e-commerce application and ecosystem. The Elegant Office uses a React/Redux front-end application with a smart API surface that decouples the backend, making it platform-agnostic. The front-end currently runs on the Bigcommerce platform, and features a number of notable "firsts" and unique integrations. The customer-facing app is backed by a number of supporting microservices written in Ruby, Go, and Node.js.

Screenshot of The Elegant Office
React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Node.js, Ruby, Go, SASS, Webpack, Google Container Engine, Google App Engine
First Bigcommerce store using a React SPA, custom integrations with Algolia, Yotpo, Netsuite, imgix, ZMags, and more

Donny West

The site you're browsing at this very moment. It's a simple enough site, but there's a modern tech stack behind it working to make it fast, responsive, and readable. A custom universal React application (rendering on both the server and client) and supporting Node.js API microservices make this site vastly more complex than it needs to be, but hey, it's all in good fun.

Screenshot of Donny West
React, Node.js, Webpack, Next.js, styled-jsx
The only officially authorized Donny West website in the world

Brink Commerce

A simple static site/landing page. This site was built from the ground-up for performance, using vanilla JavaScript and SASS only, no frameworks. It's basic and minimal, and exceeded all performance goals.

Screenshot of Brink Commerce
JavaScript(ES6), SASS, Gulp, Rollup, Python
It's really, really fast


A lightweight and modern alternative utility library for the Bigcommerce Stencil theme framework. This is a lean, performance-oriented replacement for Bigcommerce's standard library that removes third-party dependencies like jQuery.

Screenshot of slim-stencil-tools
JavaScript(ES6), Gulp, Webpack
Less than 1/3 the size of the original library it replaces


A small, dependency-free JavaScript library that asynchronously loads SVG sprites and saves them to the client's local storage.

Screenshot of ike.js
JavaScript(ES6), Gulp
A simple utility that does one thing well